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From Saitama — 02/12/2010

so i came over last july (its now feburary 10 - 7 months) and the pay comes on time, although its low, but i expected it to be low since i have no previous teaching experience.

the only problem i have with this company is that im working illigally because my visa sponsorship wont come through and i know i should wait or switch companies, but i have student loans to pay and waiting is not really an option.

i filled out all the paperwork in july for the working visa, but still havent received it yet. ive applied at another company but i dont wish to change schools. the schools i work for are great and i enjoy the work environment and the distance it is from my place to the schools (2 of them)

the work is a 0 stress job and outside of the visa shit the company has also been 0 stress other than they keep contacting me and wanting to talk, meet or just hang out in general.

i never had a problem getting in touch with people from the company, its just the visa issue.

anyone else have the "weve applied for your visa but it hasnt come in yet" response?
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