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From castlebromwich plant england — 10/22/2010

Hi worked for jaguar cars at the castlebromwich plant birmingham employee for 10 years. Resigned after supervisor, superintendant, hr employee, works nurse, works gp, all involved in copying and tampering with medical document relating to me and passing document around without my knowledge or consent. Complained to hr dept to my utter digust my complaint was dragged out for 8 months and total corruption and lies to protect these people by the two sadistic hr managers and there staff was disgusting.

I was threatened that if i did not withdraw my complaint the company would come after me wich they did a terrible way to treat an employee. Most senior managers involved in this whitewash MANAGING DIRECTOR, DIRECTOR OF HR, PLANT MANAGER ALL BASED AT GAYDON PLANT IN WARWICK, .

All those involved in copying this data made statements hr refused to let me see or have them it took me 18 months to get them 6 months after i resigned infact no wonder they were all taken by another supervisor associated with all of them. Needless to say they all lied the nurse and the hr employee scarpered i.e they left the company the two bullies supervision are still employed at castlebromwich birmingham.

Hr did a job on me and drove me to the edge when i resigned because i was over fifty i asked for my pension out of spite the hr manager refused my pension was reduced by 40% also i got no redundancy pay tried to get this in court but was out of time no support from the union they were on jaguars side.

JAGUAR OFFERED ME 500 TO SHUT UP IN THE END I GOT 1500 THEY STOLE THOUSANDS OF ME AND MY JOB AND PENSION A SHABBY SHABBY COMPANY . Now im unemployed and me and my wife have had an eviction notice put on our home and my wife is distraught and ill and jaguar cars could not care one iota.
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