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From Hoboken, KY — 12/31/2009

Actually want to say that overall Jacobs is a good company. But like any company it is only as good as it "bosses". I put a false location to remain anonymous, but you should know that I have contact with a lot of offices in Jacobs and there are some excellent bosses and there are some stinkers. Good side: Jacobs is truely trying to take this large number of people and groom caring bosses that can listen. Bad Side: The head of their human resources for the total corporation is the anti-christ of a "good boss". So at a high level; Jacobs needs to fix their leadership in the very area that's suppose to develop good people (HR), and a lot of the rest of their problems would fix themselves. Oh and I would be remiss if I didn;t say one more thing. Jacobs leadership does seem to be cutting costs in areas that will do a lot of harm in the employee/boss relationship. Many of the people living in the ivory tower are mandating actions, (i.e. cell phone restrictions and things like that), which are doing more harm than good. Need to be more empathetic to the employees when evolking low yield cost cutting items.
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