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From North Carolina — 05/03/2010

Working for Jackson Hewitt is a great seasonal job and allows me to do something I enjoy doing without the expense and headaches associated with running my own tax office. The pay is adequate for what the job is...everyone has the opportunity to build up a nice bonus if they are good enough to build up their own client base. The company gets a certain number of customers through advertising and those customers must be shared with all preparers in the office. The preparer who markets himself throughout the year will do much better.

It's true that Jackson Hewitt offers online tax courses which is an exceptionally well prepared tax preparation course for those who are willing to study, take notes and review their notes in addition to reviewing state and federal tax publications. JH also offers traditional classroom training and continuing education courses online for their tax preparers. Quite often, those less interested in being the best they can be will ignore these training opportunities and complain that JH doesn't train their employees or the company is bad to work for. As an a manager I see these types frequently and without much comment I avoid placing them on my schedule. I work for a corporate office which may have different policies than a franchise office.
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