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From Chula Vista, CA — 06/16/2010

When i first started working at JCP, i loved it, being around clothes, specials, and great environment, but as soon everything was going great, i got the nastiest customer that actually made me cried. He was mean for no reason, (he was the second customer in line, there was a cashier helping the first customer, and i was doing a chargeback!) he went to complained with the manager (that i was goofing around and didn't want to help him, when in fact, i did approach him and he just wanted my name, ok!) and on top of that the manager told me that customer is first and i just needed to smile and get it over it. NOW i don't care if customers argues or gives me an attitude because they are in a bad mood, don't like the prices, don't have the receipt, i don't care. You don't have the receipt is not my problem! You will get the lowest price if it goes on clearance or the sale price. You have 90 days to return the item! What is up with Code Green?? I feel so lame walking around the store and greet each and every customer. I hate the part standing on the door and say "welcome to JCPenney" , "thank you for shopping at JCPenney", when im standing there i just say to myself, "please let me find another job, i had it with this one". Another thing that gets on my nerves is when supervisors "cleans up" a section and leaves the cart so we can clean it.... like are you serious? i have to be at the register, help customers, do go backs, clean the fitting rooms and the floor and you still want me to clean your cart. Nice! UGH!! I only like working at JCPenney when i get understanding, nice and happy customers because they make my day go good. I am a good, sweet person and i really don't like to fight not argue with them, but some just won't shut up and let me explained what i can do to help them, it irritates me! Oh and i also hate icaps! Seriously the supervisors needs to leave me alone. Is not my fault customers don't want a credit card, jcp rewards, and take the survey. It is too much, i can't handle it no more. I need to quit for sure.
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