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From Puyallup, WA — 03/06/2010

I loved workiing for JC Penney! Wherever y'all worked you must've been the people who believed the work was too below you. JC Penney, unless you're there specifically for management, is not going to be a place where you're going to get more than minimum wage. This is because the work is not the hardest in the world, so suck it up. I loved my job, I worked in Jewelry and received commission for every sale I made. I received minimum wage but as this was one of my first jobs, I didn't mind and I thought it was good money. It might also be just WA, but my min. wage was at least 3 dollars above the average nationally. My coworkers were nice, my management was nice, and everyone where I worked knew how to handle situations if they came up. We didn't have to deal with anything bad, like bitchy customers (there were many) or stealing, because upper management did it for you. They were angels compared to any other store I'd worked at.

Like I said, maybe it's just my store but J.C. Penney is the only place I would go back to if I wasn't already working elsewhere. We had a great store and great people who ran it, and I'm surprised people here hate it so much. I'm willing to bet y'all got fired for not following the training videos ;)
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