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From Richmond,VA — 02/06/2010

I have been with the company for over 5 years at two different locations. I started as seasonal temp help, but after the holidays, secured a full-time permanent customer service positon. After a year, I got promoted to inventory maintenance associate, and after another year, moved across the country and got promoted to department supervisor. After a year, I was offered a lateral promotion - department supervisor of 2 departments.
I enjoy the type of work, though customers are getting much ruder and very mean. The inability to confront theives even when you see them steal is very frustrating. The pay does suck. I am barely able to afford to live on my own. The insurance is ok, though cheap. The 401k is good ~ a lot of fund options and a brokerage account option. Management above me is respectful, and very clear in communicating expectations.
It is frustrating that the company places SO much emphasis on the Overall Satisfaction score; it's unfair because rating a 4 - Satisfied - is failing. Only 5's - Highly Satisfied - count. And you're penalized for not getting all 5's. And there is a bit much emphasis placed on credit applications.
Overall, it is a good place to work. They just need to pay better. It's sad that working full-time barely pays for an apartment and utilities. Food sometimes optional.
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