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From Nashua, NH — 09/22/2009

JC Penney’s saved my life. I needed a place where I could belong, keep busy and feel appreciated. Managers are great about thanking staff for doing a good job with tasks, as well as, for helping customers, sales etc. They promote teamwork and downplay the negative.

We, the staff, sales and support team, have a great time together. I would love to make more money and could use it. However, the company is successful because the customers come here because of price and quality. If you change the pay either price or quality will suffer. Customers will find other stores if either are unacceptable.

The benefits program is one of the reasons I took the job. Vision, Dental, Limited Health, catastrophic health coverage are available. I have had better programs in my previous career. But Penney’s is a part time position and few part time positions offer anything comparable.

Advancement will come slowly unless a candidate is hired in a management track. Relocation is most likely needed to move up quickly. Supervisors are usually not in that track. Our proximity to Boston offers additional locations for an assistant manager to rotate to gain experience.
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