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From Fredericksburg — 03/26/2007

I worked at Intuit in their Fredericksburg, VA location for a year and a half before being laid off. The work environment and the benefits were the best thing about the job for me. You could wear whatever you wanted to work including flip flops, shorts, sweat pants, etc. and you had practically unrestricted internet access and loads of downtime to use it. They had a good 401K, average vacation time, a great Employee stock purchase plan and always gave you stock as part of reviews, etc. The bad part was there were extremely few opportunities to move up. It seems they were downsizing the location's workforce as people left or were fired they never backfilled the positions and then at the end of Feb they laid off significant postion of the staff. As for the location, it was one of the better companies to work for in Fredericksburg, much better to live and work in F'burg then commute to Northern Virginia. Job Security was below average. I worked in Sales and people always speculated as to who wasn't making goal and who would go, etc. I felt like I contributed very little and felt like management treated my position as such because my input was rarely sought. I found myself extremely bored for most of my time there. All in all a decent place to work, good mix of people and personalities and good benefits, just not very challenging or fulfilling.
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