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From Atlanta — 01/11/2010

Hmmm...after reading the other posts, it makes me wonder if there is another InterContinental Hotels Group corporation out there that these respondents worked for. My experience is something different: have been with the company more than 10 years and have found that the pay is pretty standard for a company this size, and the benefits are actually slightly better, with a matching 401(k). Respect and job security go hand in hand: my experience has been that if you work hard, know your job and take time to partner with people rather than blustering...well, you'll earn the respect of your colleagues and you'll prove your value as an employee.

Work/life balance isn't very balanced right now, but that's a factor of the economy. I've progressed in my career by knowing my job, learning new skills, working with other departments, taking on new there IS Career Potential/Growth - but you have to earn it and not expect that it be given to you by virtue of your time with the company. Location - traffic's a downer, but that's the case anywhere in Atlanta.

The vast majority of my co-workers know their stuff, are proud of their work and really care about doing a good job. In any company you'll find a few people who aren't willing to put in 100% and this one is no exception - I just refuse to damn the whole company for a few (very few) bad apples.
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