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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance4
Career Growth3
Work Environment2

From Alpharetta, GA — 04/06/2008

Pay - When you get a promotion or lateral move, be sure not to get it between October 29th and the date in March/April when raises are issued. If you do, you won't get your raise because you already got one for the year. Bonuses are great if you are a manager or higher. Lousy if you actually 'work' there.
Respect - Don't expect respect. You have to earn it. Most people there try to earn it by blamestorming after something goes wrong to make them look better (and their team if you are lucky).
Benefits are actually pretty good. Matching 401k with lousy choices, but better than other companies I've worked for. Insurance choices are decent, but all are expensive.
Security - It's almost impossible to get fired. That's good for those who don't know what they're doing, bad for you because you're stuck with a bunch of people who don't know what they're doing...
Work/Life Balance - I haven't had a complaint yet. I'm expecting to finally get some type of reward for putting in the extra time to learn, but we'll see what the results are...
Career Growth - Just stick around long enough and you'll make it to middle management if you want. If you don't then you don't want it or can't put up with the crap long enough to stick around.
Location - Alpharetta isn't too bad. Back roads get me there in 35 minutes from about 25 miles away.
Co-worker compentence - see above. Hard to get fired so slack all you want.
Work environment - building is beat up, run down, grungy looking. But, we have new vending machines! <- sarcasm
I think that pretty much covers it. If you are on the 'cost' side of the budget, don't expect to get what you need to do your job. If you are on the 'income' side of the budget you'll get all the respect, materials and credit for the work.

All in all - just like any other large corporation. This one's pretty good comparitively speaking, based on the other jobs I've had. There are some really good people there, just try to align yourselves with them and make friends in high places (Directors and VP's - stay away from those above that).
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