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From Chandler, AZ — 06/06/2007

In the past two years, Intel has made significant market adjustments to pay scales which has vastly improved the competitiveness of salaries. The benefits include stock purchase plans which are also a fantastic easy way to make 33% returns (15% twice a year). The recent switch to restricted stock units help with a lagging stock price for options.

The current efficiency programs leave everyone wondering when they will lose their job next. And there is no way to know how reductions will be made, so you don't know whether to sneak onto a core project or if you need to change your job title so it's not included in the next list.

There are some amazing people here, but there are also some horrible people here. With 100,000 employees, you get all kinds. It's easy to get bogged down with meetings scheduled 12 hours a day here. You have to be the one who calls people out for wasting your time. Many people see attending meetings and sending emails as work. It's always the same 20% doing the actual work.

I would probably be more inclined to look elsewhere for employment, but because our 401k takes 7 YEARS to vest, I am sitting here with only 40%... I need this, so I stay.
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