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From Columbia, SC — 01/25/2010

Since Ingersoll-Rand has taken over Trane the policies and cost/savings have implemented have been on the backs of their employees. For Example:
Paydays went from weekly to bi-weekly, to twice monthly to once a month for salaried employees
Paydays are now twice montly for hourly employees
Insurance coverage was reduced from 90-10 to 80 -20 plan
Your insurance premium share was based on your salary -the more you earned the more you paid which was fair. Now all employees pay the same amount - that really hurts the hourly employees.
The hourly pay rate is below or at the area lowest average so now turnover is becoming higher and higher as employees leave for jobs that pay just a dollar or two more per hour.
They require you to put a percentage of your retirement into a company stock pool plan and they refuse to pay the stock dividend to employees because the pool ownes the stock and it is not individually owned.
The tuition reimbursement plan says they will pay for 100% reimburse for a Masters - but after enrolling in programs at least three Trane employes found out that the policy only applies to Ingersoll-Rand employees and not Trane employes. Those employees are not going to get reimbursed despite the web-site saying they will and their supervisors saying they will, and there plant manager saying they will.
The CEO just got a 10% raise - after everyone was told there would be no raises, no cost of living, and all travel was severely restricted until the new fiscal year. What are they thinking?
Trane was a good place to work before the takeover and there were high hopes on the merger. It has been nothing but empty promises from the Ingersoll-Rand people, reduced benefits, and an extremely poorly planned and implemented take-over of the day-to-day business of the manufacturing plants. Morale is dropping like a rock and when the ecomony takes off many good people will be looking for work - elswhere.
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