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From CA — 07/07/2009

I had worked for Infosys between the years 2003 - 2007 at different locations in India and US. Having worked both for Infosys and now for other companies, I feel Infosys is a good company to work for in India but not in the US.

The bad part - Overall, the Indian pay is decent while the pay in US is the minimum prevailing wage. If you are interested in seeing a big paycheck every month, then this is not the company for you. Moreover, the pay is very complex to understand as it is a mixture of base pay + company performance Incentive + Unit performance Incentive + Individual performance Incentive. You get your base pay, but the rest are not guaranteed. Work / Life is completely unbalanced. There are a LOT of days when you need to work 18-20 hrs a day and there are a few days when you don't have much work. You will never get leaves when you really need them. The company is well aware of the work life balance situation and did take a few steps to balance it but I had not seen any real results.

The good part - Job security is great if you perform decently enough. Career growth is great if you are able to perform well and also know how to participate in office politics. Basically, the middle management and top managmenet only care about the company growth. They are willing to take on any job as long as it brings in revenue. So, don't expect to always land in a project you might like. The work environment in India is simply great. You will not find offices like the ones Infosys builds. The company has offices located in all major cities in southern India and has clients in all US states. However, you may not always get a location of your first choice but you could settle in for the second or thrid best option. The work evnironment in US depends on the client.

The great part - the company is ethical. Though some may not agree with this, I feel the company has tried to do things without breaking the laws of any country. The management may be driven by profit but they do have values.

The best part - the people. Working at Infosys you will work with some of the best in class people. It will not be hard to find a mentor or a friend. You will always have company at work or outside work. Infosys spends a lot of money to train the people and build team work and it really pays off. The company also has a great mix of different cultures.

Overall, if you are fresh out of college and going to join this company then you are in for a huge change in your life. There is a lot to look forward.
If you are working elsewhere and are switching to Infosys, then be aware that the salary stated on you offer letter is not what your paycheck will look like.
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