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From bengaluru — 01/14/2008

Infy is a medocre kind of a company to work for.

People in final year in college who are dazzled by the paid marketing by infy on tv channels, websites etc prepare to clear qualifying exam.
I too did and with all the preparation got through the interview and was offered a joining date after 6 months,

I was excited and thought It would be better to revise and brush up my engg. courseware as i was going to work with a great technology company.

When I joined, i was hushed into a training program that is superficial and general in nature. Only that you have to mug up things and pass their internal qualifiers. but i was very excited and mugged up things realy well

After this started a long and seemingly endless wait to get work. For one full year, I had no work with all the training forgotten. This was the period to enjoy the facilities at the beautifully built campuses.

After being there for around 17 months with them, I got a project with a reputed client...

I was again excited...

For 6 months i was 'assigned' to a team on the project and got a chance to display my skills in 'technologies' such as MSWord, MSExcel, MSOutlook..

So there is NIL career growth..

I decided to move on and went to a reputed US based company for an interview.. The technical rounds went well courtsey the trainings at infy and being with friends who prepared for GATE and GRE while they were also waiting for projects.. In Managers round of interview, the manager asked about my exp. I stated 2 yrs..
He simply said "Two years at infy. So you have bee paid salaries for 2 years without getting any work." I was bemused.
I said that he would consider me as a fresher in his comp as he knew tool well about how things go at infy. Then I had to tell him that i have worked 6 months on a project and have had months training initially so he decided to consider me with 1 yr exp and directed the HR to prepare an offer..

PAY although low is in a sense OK for they spend a good amount of money on ur trainings etc also and pay for a good amount of time without getting any work.

Location : Banglore is a cool.. although expensive place. Good if your family is in the same city

Job Security: The only time u can be fired is after the initial 6 months training

Co Worker competence.. The kind of work that gets done at infy.. Highly competent people stay there not more than 4 years. I they do, they dont remain highly competent.. Some trainers and some people who joined infy 7-8 years back are really good.

Career growth potential : below average. some of my friends stayed here for 3-4 years had a chance to go onsite and knew almost everything about their project/ system. sadly that s all they knew about and had difficult time getting out. One of them had to appear in interviews with 6 companies to get a job.

Most of the managers Senior staff are hired direct from outside.
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