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From Multiple locations — 04/08/2009

IMS is a parent company that owns a few metalworking plants in the Chicago area and in Mexico. Each plant has an office area and a shop floor. Unless you're upper management, you'll be spending at least a small amount of time on the shop floor, so having tolerance for noise, industrial smells, and dirt helps a lot.

The pay is pretty good, no complaints there. The benefits are OK, although the insurance company IMS uses isn't that great, but for someone who's healthy, it should be OK. The work environment is a little gritty, but it's a manufacturing company, so that's kind of expected. A lot of people speak Spanish, so knowing it helps you get along with more people. Most people at IMS are intelligent, personable, and reasonable. Services for employees are spartan, but there is coffee, a fridge to keep your food, and a quiet place to eat lunch.

The one place where IMS falls flat is work/life balance. During busy times, people ended up working late, sometime as late as 9:00pm (and that's for 1st shift). Many office employees are required to carry cell phones, and be available to answer them most of the time, even during days off. If you're young and single, this might be just an inconvenience. But if you have kids, this could be a problem.

I'd rather not comment on the job security. Manufacturing industries were hard-hit by the recession, and so was IMS. Obviously, people were let go. But barring this circumstance, if you show up, do what's required of you, and treat people with respect, you should be fine.
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