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Job Security3
Work/Life Balance4
Career Growth3
Work Environment4

From Portland Tn 37066 — 03/28/2009

The pay scale is very competative to other plants in the area. The company needs to learn some respect for themselves. As for the supervisers they respect the people working under them as long as the upper management leaves them alone..When the managment puts their foot down then the supervisers become monsters. The benefits are pretty good except for the insurance. The sick pay is really bad and I mean BAD. The insurance carries a big deductible before a co-pay kicks in. For a company with alot men working for them they need better sick pay because these guys usually have families especially children. As for this time job security if very unsecure. Because of the economy. Several people have been laid off that has alot of time working for this company..Of course a bigger company bought this family owned company a while back..Things have been going down hill every since. They are pretty reasonable about working time and family life except when it comes to overtime..But the customer calls this time..and we are expected to be there at all times. The location of this plant is in a good place for a small town..but a distance from the interstate and a major town..Even this small town has seen it share of growth..As for the career potential it is lacking because if you don't kiss butt you don't get anywhere no matter how much you know.. Your qualifications do not matter in this company. If it does get you moved up it doesn't last long until they find someone on the outside to come and move you out the door. Each employee is easy to work with except one once in a while wants to start something because they feel they have been slighted. As for attendance it seems the more u miss the better off u are at times. Perfect attendance has no place except when it comes to lay off. The work environment is getting better. They try to keep it as clean as you can in a welding shop. But better ventilation would help alot. And a little more air would be nice...
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