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From Conshohocken, PA — 08/02/2008

I worked at IKEA as a sales co-worker for almost two years while I was finishing my college degree nearby. The environment within the store was much more professional and competent than my previous experience at another retail employer. I made many close friends there of all ages as walks of life and the co-worker population was quite diverse in age, background, nationality, and ethnicity.

The customers are usually fun to work with but as with any job there are often difficult, ignorant, and disrespectful customers also. The company encourages customers to educate themselves through their extensive communications so that assistance needed is limited to necessary encounters.

There are a lot of factors that go into being happy with a position in the company and I think I made it in at pretty good spot. I was lucky enough to be hired in one of BAs (Business Areas) as a sales co-worker and under competent and motivating management. I felt respected by my co-workers as well as most of the management team. This respect is not just assumed however. While as a new co-worker you are given a certain amount of respect and leeway it is quickly learned by everyone around you what type of worker you are and this greatly effects your experiences and opportunities in the future. I worked very hard despite my limited hours as a part-timer but earned the respect of my manager as well as those in nearby departments. This allowed opportunities to gain more responsibility within my job which were personally rewarding and makes the day go faster. As far a financially rewarding, not really. At the same time however I have seen positions which are less desireable because of the management team in that area and high turn-over rates almost often correlated with management (although I doubt anyone at the company would admit that).

The pay for a retail position was better than most in my area but still not great. Raises were more frequent than I expected but often negligible. There is definitely a large gap between management pay and those under them. Getting to management would take a very long time. Often just getting a full-time position was difficult. Many people that work there have been there for a long-long time so as a new-comer there is a long line of potential management candidates ahead of you unless you work extremely hard to be seen as management material. I knew people who had been working there for 10+ years who were still trying to creep their way up the company ladder.

Scheduling was pretty flexible with about a months notice needed for request/offs and a bit more for vacation.

Benefits were great, paid vacation, flex holiday, personal, and sick time was earned as a reasonable rate. I didn't use the available medical or dental coverage but I never heard complaints from those who did.

In all this was a fun place to work and I'm very glad I had the opportunity to work at IKEA. If your looking into working there part-time, just looking for something to pass the time, or have a real passion for retail or home-furnishing/decorating I would definitely go for it. It's Fun!
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