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From Bloomington, MN — 07/13/2008

IKEA is the best place I have ever worked. Everybody that works there is friendly and willing to help. The management is awesome and the benifits are great. As a part-time employee I get paid vacation and time off, paid sick days, a 401k, employee discount, and so many more. I work in returns so I get my fair share of bad customers but honestly, what company doesn't have those? I am able to work my way up to bigger and better things and am paid very generously. The co-worker area is fantastic. Co-workers have their own cafe, bathrooms, lockers, game room, fitness center, and entrance. The parking is covered so there are no worries about storms and such. The location is right by the MOA so it's a quick drive and easy to get to. Most of the customers are nice and it's fun to meet the tourists that come to IKEA. The whole store is so organized and clean. I am very proud of working there and I think it is a great place for anybody to work.
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