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From Reno — 05/14/2008

IGT offers competitive salaries/great benefits and is overall a good company to work for. Unfortunately because of IGT's size, this company moves very slow when it comes to addressing issues that need change, as opposed to, the constant arbitrary changes that take place everyday. Many people that don't do a thing but hold a job title and sit in their cubes taking up space and money are able to float right under the radar. This hurts the culture and IGT is always slow to addressing issues like unethical behavior as well. IGT is a comfortable place for many people who will decide that they've found the company to grow old with. If you're that type of committed person and you have found your way into the in-group mentality of people, who happen to also be in many positions of power, than you should be alright. There is a heavy political side to this company. I know politics will be anywhere, but there really is a type of scrambling for power at IGT as the boundaries aren't always so clearly defined. Apparently promotions sort of depend on who you are friends with and less about you're skill level and contributions. All this being said, there are things about this company that out way the bad for many people. The benefits are outstanding. 2 cash sharing checks a year and profit sharing for your 401k, plus stock purchase options for employees. In a nutshell.. good company but the size and monetary success has created a greedy culture where everyone is trying to play king/queen of the hill. I hope this helps.
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