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From Mansfield, Ohio — 07/06/2010

If you want to know what this company is really like without having to work for them google 'Franklin County' then click on Clerk of Courts and input case number 09 CV 13229 or iForce/Talocity/Mason. You will find out what the real truth is to this company and its owner. He owes $3,885,389.38 to the State of Ohio Workers Compensation fund and now with interest he now owes $3,926,605.26. He changes the name and assets of his companies anytime he runs up a bill. Don't believe me check out the website and review all the court documents that have been filed in this case. It won't be too much longer the state will be shutting this business down due to their poor business practices as reported in their court documents. If you work for them expect to be unemployed before long or you can continue to work for them and have your paycheck bounce as already has happened to many people.
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