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From Lake Forest, IL — 03/24/2010

My experience has been much different than what has been written in the other two reviews. I have seen the Company go way above and beyond to help its employees. Loans to employees, paid time off when it was needed, flexible hours, much compassion and understand, many second chances when mistakes were made....all common place at Identification Products Mfg Company based on my experience. The owners/managers are consistantly quick to respond to the complicated non-work issues that come up in everyone's lives and have been far more cooperative than most other employers.

While there is disfunction in all companies, managerial strengths and weaknesses, different styles, when its really counts this company provides more opportunity and a better working environment than any other company I have personally been involved in.

While the comments made in the other reviews may contain some truth, they seem to suffer from a great deal of selective memory and have ommitted the vast majority of the breaks and support they actually received from the Company over the span of their employment. Perhap their lack of honesty is in part why they are no longer employed by Identification Products Mfg Co., or Sircle Corp.
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