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From Boise, ID — 03/14/2008

The location is OK. It is in Boise which is nice but the office I worked in was downtown. Parking is a joke. The company charges you to park in their lot. I find it a little hard to swallow to have to pay my company to come to work.

Most of the employees in technical jobs are competent. They tend to promote people that are not doing a good job into management. The idea is great until you do it to often. Now the corporate management has become its own worst enemy. They are very inflexable and tend to chase every new idea they read about. The result is you spend a lot of effort in areas that are nothing but fluff. I also have a problem with the level of integrety that is present. On the surface things look fine but underneath it is not good.

Benefits have been falling off the past few years. This may change since the company has a healthy fear of unions. If one threatens to come in, they will beef the benefits back up.

They also have a fear of getting sued. This actually happens often. The company is very secretive so most employees don't hear about it much. Over the past few years the leadership of the company has gone from engineers to lawyers and accountants with the expected results. Now instead of doing a good job and what needs to get done we focus on the bottom line and how not to get sued.

Job security is good as long as you don't cross the wrong person. Avoid information security people. They are unchecked and can do what they please. This is a serious problem.
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