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From sherbrooke — 08/09/2009

Hi.... This is my review, having worked for ICT for a little while taught me a couple things...

Let me start off by saying the place isn't all that bad. this place is a great point of your life were you are waiting for things to get going. Ether you are a student, just loss your job in your domain, waiting to start a business or getting back into the working class.... That's just it. It truly is a starter job.. Nobody wakes up in the morning and says to themselves.... Hmmmmmm!!! what do i want to do in my life?????? ..... Oh SNAP!!!! i want to work in a call center.... And if you do, then you have other problems go see a shrink. I learned a lot at this place. and truly enjoyed my time there. People are warm hearted kind and respectful... If you take the time to open up to them.

Salary wise expect enough to get buy in life (while you are waiting)for other options as previously mentioned. There is truly one negative thing i can say apart from the good stuff.... This is a constant environment in which stress management is the key... don't let things go to your head... stay calm and everything will work out in the end.

Be aware of constant naggers and whiners... who have always failed in life end up here... No ambition whatsoever in life that are never happy with themselves. These people are generally not in management and are just passing through... They don't last... which is a good thing that they just pass through.. Bitching doesn't get you to anywhere in life

All in all, Do it,work here you will learn from your experience.
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