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From Elk Grove Village, IL — 08/03/2010

I feel compelled to offer my opinion on Icon in light of some of the other postings shown here. I have 25+ years experience in my career and I have worked for and worked with many companies including "world-class" Fortune 500 companies. The Executive team at Icon is arguably the strongest I have ever had the pleasure to work with. They are cohesive and work together for the common goals and strategies of the company. They share the same vision and work together to achieve it. It is a challenging work environment at Icon, but my observation is that high-performing employees are highly valued and rewarded. Like any company dealing with the realities of today's challenging economic conditions, Icon has had to tighten its belt and size its business accordingly. It appears that the negative postings seen here are either from former employees or current employees who are feeling challenged. In summary, if you have confidence in your abilities to perform at a high level and enjoy making a difference, Icon is a company you need to consider.
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