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From Rancho Dominguez, CA — 08/08/2008

ICI really offered great potential for advancement - if you were a white male who went to Lehigh.

There are a lot of things I loved about working for them. The company was managed well. The systems tended to work. The surroundings were bright and clean, the benefits were nice. A fair amount of on the job training was offered, and I learned a lot there. People were general friendly and competent. But there was definately a feeling that you would never be part of the gang if you weren't, um, a white, male, Lehigh grad. And while opportunities were amazing for them (i.e. long stays overseas in supervisorial positions), the same opportunities did not appear to materialize for the rest of us, which was pretty sickening. The same thing was true with the benefits. They were really great, but were periodically revoked if you weren't one of the "gang". (I had my bonus taken away as well as was told that I would not be reimbursed for classes that dozens of others had taken and received reimbursement for.)

If they could get rid of their "old boys club" culture, I really think that it would be an amazing company to work for. But while it exists, it's not somewhere that I'd recommend. Well, unless you're one of the "old boys".
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