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From Hope Tabonia — 04/07/2010

I only have two and a half years experience so perhaps I am not the most qualified to know the ins and outs of IBM. With that said I will comment that thus far the experience has been mostly positive.
Pay: Average starting salary with bonus...two raises, although small, and no awards. I am happy given the economy.
Respect: I am not sure what this means...they put me in good assignments and trust my judgement. They have a sales cadence which is kinda pointless but I am please with the level of responsibility.
Benefits: Matching 401k, good health coverage (single) at a reasonable price, interesting wellness complaints at all.
Job security: I have learned that consultants are only as secure as their last engagement....true in and out of IBM so I have accepted it. they assign me plenty of work.
Work/Life balance: Travel plays a part here with the time is what it is so I am not sure it would be much different anywhere else. Perhaps I am whining a bit.
Career Potential; I have learned that IBM is in a lot of businesses and movement among 'groups' is common although not at present.
Location: Like they say...within an hour of an airport is fine.
Co-worker Competence: We have a few tools but the vast majority of my colleagues are truly gifted.
Work Environment: so good .
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