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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance4
Career Growth4
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From East Coast — 10/24/2009

No complaints here when I look at the big picture. Yes, job security is less, and the work has gone up, and the bonuses are fewer. But over thirty+ years I have had a a lot of fun and a variety of jobs. Maybe because I stayed on the marketing/marketing support side, where there is perhaps more risk but relatively more reward. Those in plants or in Services likely do not have as much opportunity. I took nothing for granted, maintained and added to my technical skill (too many folks want to be paid without increasing their skills), saved 20-30% of my income yearly, and I'm happy with my salary and the rewards I have received for my results and creativity.. Very few places where a non-managerial technical person can earn $150K based and have bonuses/incentives pushing that over $200K. From my analysis I have enough to retire on at this point. But I'll keep going and contributing until they choose to "separate" me, and that wouldn't be all bad since it would mean another 80$ or so in severance to add to my nest egg.
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