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Job Security3
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth3
Work Environment3

From FL — 10/12/2009

Pay - once was great, now year after year bonus is less and less as is annual increase. Meanwhile company reports record profits. Funny, the worker-bees don't seem it.
My immediate management chain and peers respect me and each other. Its the executives and the VP level and above that seem to have lost all touch with reality and ignore anything we provide.
Benefits, like in most companies, are being slowly whittled away. Education? What is that? The "free" stuff is not even worth it.
Life/Work Balance - I work from home - best part of my job.
Career growth - I've been fortunate enough to have a values skill set, although I wonder how long it will take before it gets moved to New Dehli.
Location - Florida and work from home. Again - best part of my job.
Co-workers - my peers are some of the brightest and dedicated people I have ever worked with.
Work environment - Did I mention I work from home.... ?
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