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From Bangalore — 06/03/2009

I work in the ibm software labs in bangalore. I have got to work on quite a lot of interesting and cutting edge stuff you never get to work on in the indian companies. Working in Product Development and Open Source is challenging and rewarding monetarily. I see a lot of great talents there in the software labs. The pay is higher than services companies however nowhere near google or microsoft.avg(12+ for 7-8 yrs) Regarding CTS I too was in that company for more than 3 yrs. I got to work on many flagship accounts there like ebay etc. However the indian companies cannot compare to IBM. The senior talent that is present in IBM Globally is amazing there are leaders in almost every field. Did u know IBM had 5 nobel prize winners. So I would say it depends on what you do and what your capabilities are as well as which division you are in.

Regarding apple polishing I have not seen a single company where it isn't practised. It is practised by employees after all and not the company.
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