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From Austin, TX — 05/28/2009

I joined IBM right out of school and into a development lab. It was a great place to start, with a campus environment and with a lot of support. Sadly, things have steadily declined.
My biggest regret is that IBM is by no means a "technology" company any more. It's a consulting and services company. Sure, there are some pockets of innovation, but IBM is no longer driven by a passion for technology and that absence of passion now pervades the company as a whole. Sales teams don't have a clue about the products they're selling. Building a relationship with clients is considered a means and not an end. There's no real vision at all.
The upshot is a company that works its people to the bone; cuts costs at the expense of quality and employee compensation and, in my mind, is continuing to exist in spite of its efforts, not because of its efforts
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