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From home office, anytown — 08/10/2008

All decisions made within IBM are made for one reason, to make the senior executives opulently rich. Once you come to terms with this you can better understand why the traditional pension was frozen, why the health insurance plan sucks, why you rarely if ever get a raise (more likely to get a pay cut), why HR treats you like inbred idiots, why retirees are getting shafted with the "Future Health Account" and accounting trickery whittles away at your monthly retirement income. This isn't about you... It is all about Sam and his pals on the board of directors getting rich. Sign up with IBM for a couple of years to add it to your resume, then go someplace where they treat you like IBM treated their employees during the Watson era. Working from home is great. My peers are great , my manager is great.. but the egotistical bastards steering the ship are steering us towards an iceberg while the band plays on.
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