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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance2
Career Growth4
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From Manila, Philippines — 07/04/2008

There is no amount of blackbooks or insider reports that will prepare you for what awaits at IBM Daksh. You don't know your spouse until you live with them, so hands-on experience is best. I will stick to the points na-

Daksh pays well. But it pays too well considering some people who work here simply because no one else would pay them half the money for their skills (or lack of it).

Everyone respects their bosses. We are IBMers, after all. Informed dissent amounts to nothing. Hierarchy rules.

Standard benefits mandated by Labor Law. Extra benefits include team fund, bi-annual parties, summer outing etc. Fun filled.

Job Security:
No one I know ever got fired at IBM for non-performance. The only way you can invent to get fired is to touch/speak inappropriately to a female employee, or for financial/payroll manipulations.

Work/Life Balance:
Some departments (read eRelations, Strategic Quality, Change Management) have absolutely no job. It's amazing the kind of things they do to earn their paycheck. Compared to them, Rock stars begin to look like hardworking farmers. And then there are understaffed departments that toil so much - Accounting, Payroll, WFM for what is basically a thankless job with little margin for error.

Career Growth:
There is plenty of growth. And that's the problem, the performers feel nothing special because an equal number of, if not more, clueless, unintelligent people get promoted. If you are capable and deserving, you will not get promoted even if you scream. But if you are tenured or threaten to resign, you are more likely to get promoted or be assured of one in near future. This company has no history of skyrocketing someone capable to take on a tough job or firing a leader for failing miserably. This is also perhaps the only company that trains its agents on six sigma when they cannot explain phone bills to their customers in US. What good is six sigma training if you don't train me well on the product I am taking calls for? I can only imagine what trainings the upper management gets to run a no-nonsense business.

All in all, there is good growth, but it will be shared by those who do not deserve it. If that's okay with you, join us!

Except for the Makati site, all other facilities are a shame compared to other call centers.

Co-worker Competence:
Ranges from absolutely smart and brilliant to utterly pathetic and incompetent. The fact that such people somehow end up working together to serve IBM's clients is a greater testimony to it's Diversity program than GLBT will ever be.

Work Environment:
Same as other call centers as far as agents or support staff is concerned. The only unappealing factor can be the lack of professionalism among the line managers. From the way they dress or speak, you could mistake an OM for AM or an AM for agent.

To conclude, this is not a bad place to work at or start your career with, but if you are like any of the people I've just described, please go join somewhere else, we have enough of your kind already.


Peace, Love, Light!
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