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From Hawthorne, NY — 06/18/2008

IBM's Research Division is a wonderful place to work. It is not Shangri-La, but accounting for reality, it's a delightful place to work. It's the people that make all the difference. They are brilliant and generally play nice with other children. The pay is not impressive. You can easily earn more elsewhere, unless you are a workaholic that can get one of the few raises that are meted out each year to only the very highest performers. The high cost of living in Westchester County (or nearby New York City) forces many to live an hour away, with no reasonable (time wise), affordable (avoiding taxis) public transportation options. Fortunately, occasional telecommuting is allowed and keeps one productive on snowy days, eliminating the risk of driving on the dangerous icy Taconic Parkway to get to work. There is adequate time off for home-life emergencies and such that arise. The cons are that the workload is overwhelming, so you have to learn to say no or just accept the overtime required to do a really good job. Type A personalities can work themselves to death. Finding funding for your favorite research project is always a struggle, and is a time-consuming drag every Fall. Like everywhere, cost controls limit travel and the "toys" one would expect to find in a world-class industrial research center. However, being able to collaborate with bright colleagues from literally all over the world makes working at IBM's Thomas J. Watson Research Center an overall win in my opinion.
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