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From Louisville, KY — 02/14/2008

This is a smallish software company servicing the industrial market. I have always worked at smaller companies, but this is by far the best. My starting pay was a little less than the industry average, but I have had the opportunity to take on bigger and bigger challenges. Since it is a small company, these efforts were noticed and rewarded.
For an engineer, this is an ideal job. I have been able to learn so many new skills here that most do not see. I have been able to do web design, database design, application support, hardware design, and sales.
The company is located in Louisville, a great town with a low cost of living, decent traffic,etc.
For co-worker competence, I could ask for nothing better. A small company has to be very selective in who it hires, so my co-workers are some of the most talented and agile developers I have ever worked with.
The work environment is excellent. I do get the occasional call after hours, but that is balanced by the fact we have fairly flexible work hours, and some of choose to work from home sometimes. There is a lot of trust and very little supervision, but this does imply more personal responsibility.
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