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From Hayward, CA — 10/19/2009

I have been working with this company for almost a year now. Again, although we are hourly we get full health benfits. There is much opportunity to move into salary positions as many of my colleagues have if you want to work hard. The days are long at times, but we can get days off whenever we request them as long as they are before the 15th of the prior month. We also get 13 holidays off if we want. There is a lot of drive but it is home based and this was all explained to us when we were hired. We do get paid for the drive (only $8 an hour) and mileage reimbursement but the last two companies I worked with did not give us any drive pay. You have to work 8 hours to get 6 hours of billing in due to the drive but you also get $8 an hour for the two hours of drive time. I am very happy here and although things could always be better, I believe this company is working hard to make my job as best as it can be. I am only in the entry level position and look forward to better pay and benefits when I am able to move into a salary position.
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