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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth5
Work Environment5

From Miramar FL — 12/02/2009

I LOVED working for Humana! Being lic and trained was the best thing ever to happen to me! I loved the people I worked with, Pay and Location. I had to move and left on good terms with my Sup and Manager. They assured me if I wanted to come back I could. 3 months later I came back, thinking I'd get my job back. I was Lic and Certified, and they were hiring. But they never took me back. Once you work and leave..thats it. Although they do choose who they will take back, like certain Supervisors. The funny thing is I got hired by another call center specifically for the Humana background and guess who came to train us? old Sup, so they told me to re-apply and come back! funny.
It's great but once you lose this won't get it back!
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