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3.9Rating Details
Job Security4
Work/Life Balance4
Career Growth3
Work Environment5

From Louisville, KY — 08/01/2008

Pay: Good pay and I will say that when I was offered a raise it was clear and to the point.

Respect: I think the only negative was a supervisor who would spout off in front of everyone, without understanding what the conversation was about. Dressing people down in public is inappropriate supervision, much less when you're not sure of the context. Other than that, I think everyone was told when they were doing well, and problems were dealt with quietly and privately. Also, we had monthly reports that explained where we were doing well and where we needed help. I never felt like I was swimming out there on my own, hoping that it was OK.

Benefits: Yeah, umm, this is why the company is making money. This is some of the worst insurance I've ever had. Alanis: look this up. This is actual irony.

Job Security: We felt safe. They had no problem getting rid of people, but I will argue, that they did do a good job of deciding who had to go. They knew the difference between a slow learner and a no learner. They knew the problems with a negative person who came into a new job that way.

Work/Life Balance: Lots of overtime offered but not shoved on your head.

Career Potential/Growth: Large company, seemed OK.

Location: I wanted to say spectacular, but I wonder if the building I worked in, a terrific ten story building on the river with historic photographs and a beautiful kinetic sculpture, was not what they call a "sick" building. If you drank coffee, little white plumps would float down into it. Everyone coughed. I think they did as much as they could, on the surface.

Co-Worker Competence: It was a tough job. I think everyone had a learning curve, even after they were in the job.

Work Environment: Oversight without embarrassment. Supervisors came around daily to see how you were doing. Didn't like when people came around though in the government and suddenly you couldn't listen to your mp3. Why is that? I do my work well. I bet the Senator knows it. Have him tap on my shoulder. I don't have cooties.
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