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From Louisville, KY — 06/10/2008

I have worked at Humana for a year in the customer service department. Basically I answer calls from Medicare members. One thing I can say about Humana is the pay is very competitive. For the position I started in I made well above what I would consider the average. The initial training was decent. It's located in downtown Louisville which is not the greatest for me since it is a 45 minute commute every morning, but they do provide relatively cheap parking. The building itself is in decent condition and the cubicles are, well cubicles. Getting office supplies is easy and they have made an effort to have decent computers for our department. We all got new widescreen monitors recently also. They also have break rooms, the cleaning staff is good, and they have free coffee. They do have a gym downstairs with reasonable rates.

So those are the good points, here are the bad. First of all, as another reviewer said, when you get raises is not very clear, and even repeated discussions with management cannot resolve this issue. My boss told me that he did not know when or if I would get a raise, even after doing the APAT which is what is supposed to measure employees to see how much of a raise they are getting. I've had a lot of difficulty getting access to certain computer programs that I need. Repeated requests to management have been ignored.

The benefit plan is just bad. The only plans that they have available are high deductible health plans. In these plans you must pay at least a $2000 deductible before you will get any coverage. Of course, once you meet that you are covered at 100% but the likelyhood of a person without some health issues getting there is pretty slim. I paid out of pocket for all my medical care last year. Thankfully I wasn't sick much.

One thing that I was not told by Humana when I signed on was that I would be unable to apply to a different department for a year. I was upset when I found that out because I would have thought much harder about taking the position had I known I would be locked in for a year. Now my year is up and they are talking about freezing any movement from the call center. I just don't think that you treat your workers that way. I can understand being short-staffed but I think that the way to resolve that is to offer incentives for workers to stay, not to penalize those who are getting burned out on the job and would like to go elsewhere in the company.

My final complaint is about management. Of course, this may be just my area, but it's been terrible. My first manager left on maternity leave and never came back. However, while she was on leave we were left basically unsupervised except for our team lead. There were multiple managers that were supposed to be taking care of our team's issues but noone really wanted to step up to the plate. After all, with us not being their team it didn't matter how well we do. After that our team was split up and I was placed under a new manager who never, and I mean never, responds to email. If you want help on an issue you have to confront him and frankly I only get two fifteen minute breaks and thirty for lunch...I don't have time to go to his office all the time. My new team lead is about as bad. It's obvious that she wants to do as little work as possible and honestly, she doesn't care about the members. She also does not want you to document anything she instructs you to do in their accounts.

So I don't know, it has good points and bad points. I'm still with Humana but I must be honest that I am looking elsewhere.
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