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From Carmel, Indiana — 10/11/2008

I worked at the sales call center in Carmel, Indiana for 2.5 years and I absolutely loved it. There were plenty of times that I hated it, but overall it was a very positive experience. We had over 500 people in our building: sales, collections, IT, underwriting, upper management, etc. and all of them interacted with each other and were friendly. I loved my managers and they were very accommodating about time off and rearranging my hours. Of course, this could all be due to the fact that I was one of the highest earning salespeople there. I feel they definitely rewarded those who excelled: I won trips to Miami and Paris France in addition to being asked to attend the Town Hall meetings. Even though our commission structure was adjusted as the market declined, I think we were justly compensated. While I was employed there I was angry about this but being at another job now I see how great our pay was. The benefits were amazing. I wish I was still there and I am sure I would be if the entire office had not shut down. Those that showed interest in moving up were encouraged to take additional classes at the center and read books and fill in for managers. I think that was kind of just a way to push us off their backs and appease us for the time being. I wanted to be an underwriter and while I was not allowed to switch departments, my managers did give me additional responsibilites to pre-underwrite for my team and I was the only one on the team that had the underwriting guidelines and exceptions book. I do have one major complaint though: the HR department here was a JOKE. They ran their mouths about issues people came to them with that should have stayed private. When I had an issue with them, they basically tried to make me feel as if it were my fault. One of them made inappropriate sexual comments and played nasty jokes on several managers and was later fired for this. HA!
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