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From Orlando, FL — 05/25/2010

I started as a seasonal sales associate and was store manager after like 4 years. I stayed on as an SM for a year before getting a higher paying job closer to home.

Its easy to get promoted up to the SM level, beyond that not so much.

I liked everyone i worked with and the few awful people that were ever employed there never lasted more than a few months from associate to DM level they were quick to get the bad eggs out of power.

The pay is AWFUL, i made $13 as a store manager. BUT to be able to wear whatever you want, listen to music all day, and never have to deal with shitty customers. Not to mention the sense of family and loyalty is unmatched. It was worth it.

I now make almost double and live within walking distance of my current job (as opposed to the 60 mile round trip i was driving) but have to wear a uniform to work and deal with shitty customers and i often regret leaving hot topic.
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