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From TX — 10/10/2009

To start off i'm a newly PT Assistant Manager at HotTopic, working in the company for just over a year.

Pay- Sales Associates, the pay sucks. Minimum wage. But, when I did got my yearly raise (as a S.Assoc.) I got 40cents more. The other sales associates who started off near me only got 11cent raises? But that's considering how HARD I work. Now we'll see about my new raise when I get it (i'm still in training for my ASM)

Respect- It's actually very good. Both our Loss Prevention and District Managers are really nice. Some of the most happiest people, kind of makes you think they're on crack. Haha. Now in my store some of the managers are hypocritical about crap, annoys the hell out of me. But over all every one gets the respect.


Job Security-Pretty much "If you're lazy and a rude " YOU'RE GONE. The way we look at seasonals are "Would you be willing to spend minimum 5hours a day with this person?" Also, if you are a really hard worker and show it, if you slip up and have mistakes...they are likely going to keep you. I've been on work-probation and i'm still going strong.

Work/Life Balance- Now I don't know about A.S. yet, but, as a sales associate...whew... ridiculous. On a weekly bases I would cover minumum two shifts for people. I don't see why they won't fire these people!! I'm a full time student in college and don't need that crap. Hell i've even taking shifts at other HotTopics.

Career Potential/Growth- Obviously GOOD. I've been a SalesA. for over a year and i'm being promoted to ASM skipping Keyholder over others. I'm also comming from a busy store to a very slow store.

Location- Hot Topic is everywhere. I work about 30-40minutes from home. 9miles approx.? I don't mind. Now i'm transfering to one right by my house, 5mins? 0.5miles? Haha.

Work Environment- Very good for S.A. We joke A LOT at work to make the hours go by. We are very open to all types of people and welcome new people to the team with open arms (literally haha) Our customers range from all types of people. Though we spend so much time watching ALL OF THEM since they ALL STEAL. Our shrink was 3.2% Wtf. We are a high volume store. WTF. Ugh. ANYWHO. Very nice. But I agree with the others about the mechanizing. And all the stress on managers. I've just started my training for ASM and my mind is flustered with numbers and crap. SO MUCH, and i'm a little slow at that stuff so...yah. Also this job is a great birth control, gotta hate these kids that try to steal and talk crap to you.

But one thing that always annoys me with specific coworkers is this idea I read out of a Chuck Klosterman book.
'You ever talk to someone who doesn't know nothing? You ever talk to someone who doesn't know nothing except music?'
....I love music, but I like talking about other things. Life, fat cats, the specific noise a queef sounds like....those things as well. Haha.
Right now, I love my job. Lets see in a few months when I transfer and get settled in aye?
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