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Job Security4
Work/Life Balance5
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From South Florida — 09/26/2008

I worked for this company for less than a year as an assistant manager and overall I really enjoyed it. The manager I worked under was incompetent and came close to ruining the experience for me, but everything else was great.
PAY: was normal. I came in at a higher-than-normal pay rate due to my experience.
RESPECT: everyone was respectful to each other, corporate never talked down to you, and it felt like a family which was a nice feeling to have at your "job." everyone I met in my short time at HT was for the most part incredibly nice and hard-working.
BENEFITS: for full-timers, I believe. the employee discount was very nice and the ability to be compensated for going to shows (concerts) was incredible.
JOB SECURITY: I didn't see a huge amount of turnover there.
WORK/LIFE BALANCE: as a rule, HT doesn't allow their management to work over 40 hours a week!!! Unless they specifically want overtime. such a relief after working for GameStop, who essentially forced you into working 60-70 hours a week during the holidays.
CAREER POTENTIAL/GROWTH: hard workers get recognized and move up.
LOCATION: almost always in malls.
CO-WORKER COMPETENCE: obviously, mall clothing stores that hire as young as 16 and who appeal to the tween and teenage crowds aren't going to get the cream of the crop in terms of applicants; however it's all in who you hire. Like I said before, pretty much everyone I worked with at HT were awesome, awesome people, some of which I still talk to today.
WORK ENVIRONMENT: I love it. great clothes, excellent music, and cool customers.

I loved working for this company and would do so again in a heartbeat. Just make sure the manager you are working under isn't a raving lunatic like the chick I worked with.
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