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Job Security4
Work/Life Balance4
Career Growth4
Work Environment5

From Strongsville, Ohio — 08/14/2008

Pay - the pay is minimum wage for part-time employees which might bother some people but is okay with me. I can still pay my bills on the salary, my only gripe is I wish there were more hours for sales associates.
Benefits - you got reimbursed for going to concerts, a great employee discount, payed fifteen minute breaks for small shifts, however the benefits like health care and paid vacation are for management.
Respect - everyone in the company respects you so long as you do your job and follow the rules. I had a lot of problems with my homelife and management's and co-workers respect didn't waiver.
Job security is okay. If you are hired on part-time and do you job right you have nothing to worry about but if you are seasonal you might not get brought on to permanent staff when the season's over.
Work/life balance is great - there was plenty of time for a life, but I do wish there were more hours.
Growth - not too much, but okay. Associates can make it to keyholder and assistant managers could someday have their own store.
Location is great. Never more than fifteen minutes from my house.
Co-worker competence - everyone I have worked with was intelligent and could do their job correctly
Work envoirnment is great - you get to meet new people and talk about music. It's less like a job and more like hanging out.
Hot Topic - I love you!
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