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From Marysville, Ohio — 04/21/2010

I worked in several maintenance departments at Honda Marysville, better known to employees as HAM. I retired after 20+ years.
Everything Honda said it was going to do for me, IT DID! Sure everyone wishes their retirement check was larger but in reality I have absolutely no complaints. Honda expected me to work and they paid me for what I did. In fact they paid me extremely well. I had unlimited opportunities and I actually used some of them.
Honda is not just a good company - it is a great company. When the economy went south we were called into a meeting and told "while you were never formally promised a job without layoff - that underlining premises was always present. Your employment was based on Honda supplying a pay check and medical benefits and you supplying your services, and those concepts remain. No one will be laid off."
In this day and age how many companies can make that statement or even anything close to it.
Honda is a great company and I hope that it never changes. I hope that it is supplying the same great cars and opportunities for other Americans as it gave to me.
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