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From Anna — 04/03/2010

The previous poster seems to focus solely on the negative (if you want to call it that). Appearently they have not been watching the news and the economy and feels that anyone not on the floor is useless. Let me clear up a few things, your right, everytime a third party gets involved in our benefits, the associate gets screwed. I am a level 3 and I disagree with the "lowest bid wins" mindset our benefits group uses, but I will tell you that our benefits far and above exceed the best our suppliers have. People not on the floor dont have all the free time you think, they have job duties that they have to preform and are not "just sitting on their asses". Average pay for a line associate when you consider benefits, heap payment, and profit sharing is well above even most union automakers. Just because you have to take some responsibility for your health-if it is that bad just go on the passive. You dont have to do anything but show up to work, I have been with this company for 27 years. I have seen it when we didnt get any profit sharing, didnt have credit unions or service centers, you have no idea the benefits we have that many would kill to get. Loose the negativity and focus on the positive, you have a job, it is safe and your paid very well.
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