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From Anna , Ohio — 12/12/2008

Well buddy I have been at Honda for 25 years and your right about one thing, you only know a little about Honda. Career growth limitation is unlimited, you set your own ceiling, the only thing holding you back is your attitude and actions. I know, I wasn't the best associate but was given opprotunities and took advantage of them, now I have reached all goals I have set. Look around you, everyone laying off, those working paying for some if not all of their benefits. All we have to do is take care of ourselves, go to the doctor, treat your health like you should and your in the active program. There is not a plan to replace full time with contract or temps, know you facts before you run your mouth. I will tell you what, if it is that bad step aside and let one of the thousands of applicants step in and do your job (probably better than you can do). I get tired of reading and hearing people like you complain about what you think you should have, you have no concept of what others are going through right now in this economy. I have an idea, when you walk in the plant on Monday and scan in, put a smile on your ungrateful face - you are one of the lucky people who has job security.
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