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4.6Rating Details
Job Security5
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth4
Work Environment5

From Ohio — 11/14/2008

Pay - GREAT, just look at the economy and know we are lucky to have a job at Honda

Benefits - best in the industry

Job Security - EXCELLENT - just ask the 6.5% of unemployed americans if they would like to be lucky enought to be at an employer that is NOT laying off its associates.

Work life balance and environment is good, its a hard time out there folks, lets work hard to make sure we keep the benefits and environment we have made so strong here at R&D,

Location - okay

Co-workers, other than those who complain for no reason on here it is good. Some are better than others but everyone has a different idea and your voice is heard.

Let me take this moment to say THANK YOU HONDA for keeping us employed, paid well, benefits flowing, concern of our work and life balance.

Lets work hard to win in this bad environment and make sure we all keep our jobs.

For those who say Union..why not talk to a member of Ford or GM and ask them what the heck the union is doing for them except taking there dues and getting them laid off by the thousands.
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