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From torrance, ca — 08/04/2008

Honda is conservative in hiring practice. They are of traditional Japanese values, which are different from that of US companies. Until you understand the culture, you may have some culture shock. Respect previals if you are a contributor and do your job. To my knowledge this company has never had a lay-off. They value employees and do not wish to be known as an axe company. They have a fair review policy. They strive for continuous improvement. The job/temp allows Honda flexibility to obtain additional staffing when necessary. Honda has many team sports and workout areas. They are an equal opp. employer. They are proud to have manufacturing plants in the US to provide quality to the job market whereby they have consumers, they are providing jobs to the country that purchases their product. There is high growth potential. They will promote from within if you have the skillset for another position. Like most auto manufacturers they believe in relocation to experience different parts of the market. There is a balance at work with the facilities and frequent picnics, training seminars, holiday parties for the whole family as well as adult associates only. The location is close to freeways, in a safe area not too far from the beutiful Pacific Ocean.
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