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From pa — 07/19/2010

I have worked the Home Depot for a bit. I find our store to be an awesome place to be. The managers are very respectful and appreciative of their employees. I dont hear other employees complaining much about their Depts. All around it is a great place. There are days that are good and those that are bad. But most are good.

I worked in construction for over 20 years prior to coming here. So i have a great knowledge of preactically everything in the store. This helps me i know. I have recieved homers and legandaries because of this knowledge.

I think alot of the people that complain so much outside of the bad management they might be used to. are those who have no knowledge of the construction industry. Why get a job at a business where you know nothing about it. I would get a job at a hair salon because i know nothing about it. Workwhat you know not what you feel you should be taught and have your hand held the entire time.

Im happy here, i get steady pay and hours, and now have every at and sun off with mostly constant hours.

Employees are greeted by managers with enthusiasm. and most days depart with an honest pat on the back for doing a good job.

Feel sorry for those that dont have a good workplace. i like my Depot. I plan on hanging around. Assistant managers positions will come up. I might get one sometime. Im not daydreaming, im 40 years old and work and do my job. thats why i do well here. for those that hide outside shipping doors and inbetween pallets of insulation to text there partner. you will get no where. It is after all called work for a reason.
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